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Instant kill by headshot= Problem and by body hit=NO PROBLEM


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I see people complaining about instant kill by headshot, and no body mention the instant kills by regular body hit?

Because the units that can insta-kill with a bodyshot can't be killed insta-killed with a bodyshot but could be insta-killed by a headshot.

Picture this: You drop your hard earned $$$ on Havoc and proceed to one-shot every lesser enemy coming your way shrugging off wounds left and right. Then some guy gets smart, buys a blackhand, waits, and paints your brains all over the wall in one-shot right back at you. "That's not fair" because he's spoiled your ability to feel like a god.

The more credits you drop on your infantry the greater your ego.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I don't think much of anyone complains about headshots more than anything else.

You're making a massive deal out of issues nobody really complains about much. Probably heard more about Chems and shotguns being overpowered than snipers. Just depends who feels like raging about whatever killed them.

You can find reasons to support most anything being broken if you try hard enough.

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Everything could use some reduced lethality, saying this even after the last update. Some things could use it specifically too, and might get it next patch, who knows. Officers are supreme damage on infantry for their "tier", chems are too distance dependant and otherwise you have to lead the shot. Mobius is a good reason to reduce all lethality, he is way too lethal and yet if he was less lethal then he would have no purpose. Snipers got a small reduction, but "instant" is instant and is hard to balance or validate.

The instant lethality on headshot, and on bodyshot for pic/rail, is okay with current rapidfire bodyshot damage. If autofire damage is reduced, a little off the top for snipers and pic/rail would be appropriate. I don't see why people thinks 500 need headshot lethality for anything except engis/hotwire/other500s, and 1k snipers are still a thing that exist but people apparently only want to spend 500 for their damage.

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  • 1 month later...

People just expect their characters to be godly when they spent lots of credits on them.

It's like them saying "I spent 1000 credits on this character so I should have high durability and survive anything being thrown at me without needing much effort or skill and anything cheaper that kills me is just cancer of this game..."

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