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Command & Conquer Tiberium


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There was some leaked gameplay from the cancelled game:

also tiberium.com expires on 2016-09-24, so be ready to register it as soon as it gets available. Then offer it to EA in exchange for total freedom with RenX development.

In case that Tiberium is really in the making, I would hope that they keep the current cancers of gaming away from it (always online, microtransactions, preorder shit..) and that they take RenX as example of how good C&C themed FPS/RTS should look like.

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Would be cool if this is real. Because it's a shame they have the C&C IP now and don't do anything awesome with it.

It's better than nothing and can't be worse than C&C4.

Also cool if Andromeda would come for NX, might get that console if it's powerful, has backwards compatibility preferably up to Wii, doesn't have too weird gimmicks and gets good 3rd party support..

If that Tiberium game is real I'd get that one for PC though.

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