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Stanks need love to


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Lets face it, stanks are out-gunned, out-ranged or out-manoeuvred by almost every unit in the game. Their greatest asset is their stealth armour which makes them good for vulture kills, acting as a deterrent and infiltration; but even then they can be defeated fairly quickly if caught out.

Stanks need a boost, we don't want to make them killing machines but they do need to be improved for their job. A good speed/manoeuvrability boost should do the trick (not APC levels, light tank at best), this would help stanks fulfil their roll; chasing down the weak and performing ambushes/hit and runs. Improve their weapon range a bit and they'll be able to pick on the flanks without having to get in range of the central column.


You could just give them a passenger seat like every other vehicle ;)

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They would be vicious with a passenger seat. The air fighters are questionable with them.

Also, they are actually better than Flame Tank for field presence. They are one of Nod's best AA and do acceptable group damage. Rarely do flames pile on the same target well enough to do the same.

Only maps Stanks suck at, are Field, Islands, and Under. I am working on Under to give bases more vehicle openings and front-door real-estate, it isn't official and is more of a demo of "how to make this map better". However, that is the problem with all 3, they have this ridiculously narrow base entrance that Stanks have no opportunity to take advantage of. XMountain is alright, so is Mesa, and Complex is the king of Stank maps. It's the maps, not the tank.

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