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'Out of map' on Walls


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While playing Nod on walls I noticed that the screen gets 'dark' when [redacted], but it doesn't trigger the 10 seconds to return to the battle field error. On some other places (for example [redacted]) I get this error. You are also able to walk 'on the air' on walls. Nothing important, but just so you know!

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Answered your PM BroTranquility... For the record 'out of the map' is in this case the message you receive while 'crossing' the border, but you aren't invisible / in a spot where you can't be hit.

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i think i fixed the getting out of map issue .... but there is an issue were if you travel vertically (steep angles) in / out of the volume you get the count down bug (count down wont go away and you die) nothing i can do about that there is another issue but i need to talk to a coder about it ... and i dont wonna post about it just yet (it relates to a timer bug)

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Message not dissapearing seems to happen when multiple volumes overlap a certain way. So we need to know the places where it happens. But like Bro said best to PM a dev about those places.

I am not going to question you, but your post might already be more information than a public thread needs. Kenz3001 did say he got rid of overlap though, and Yosh said he is planning to patch just for the maps soon, so I don't think this is a real issue anyway.

Since it is a short-time bug we are looking at, all I will say if you can read this, is:

1) do not follow alongside the very edge of the boundary, there is a chance the boundary will not remove your timer and kill you in your own airstrip.

2) If for any and every reason you happen to lose the timer when out of the map, get back into the map in a reasonable fashion, if you exploit it to take a 30 second trip around the map to the enemy base, the server moderators will kick you rightly so.

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