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Field Changes Proposition


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  • Totem Arts Staff
As per B0ng's request
I like this!


Would help field but not really fix everything. Still would help a little.

I didn't show the changes to B0ng privately before I posted this so.... yarly

Suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe add additional entrance? Dunno

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  • Totem Arts Staff
Raise the hills slightly in the GDI side of the field so tanks can take better cover behind them.

Light Tanks are so good on XMountain because they actually make use of their low profile... that's a hell of a lot harder to do on Field right now.

tl;dr : +1

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I'm not sure about this change, because i'm not getting a full perspective here. Has the map border walls been pushed further away, has some of the inner walls been removed, or combination of both? Could you make more screenshots which show the base entrance but also show a larger portion of the field?

Yes, it does obviously look like the outer walls have been pushed further away here, but a screenshot without the other side of the front doesn't give me the feeling i can... work with it.

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The sniper ledge part, you mean push it to the base slightly for more space for tanks?

Also, the hill, did you mean the bunker one or the overall elevations of the GDI side of the hill?

Pretty much, it makes flame and med rushes a lot more dangerous. Basically it makes them reach the AGT/OB a lot quicker.

Actually, I was thinking only the hill on the back of the GDI hill, not the bunker one. Mainly for artys. I was alsoo thinking of adding some clutter on Nod's side of the field for cover, but I don't know if this is going to be a nuisance or a benefit. Or a complete rework of the field to make it more bumpy like Xmountain to benefit lights a little more, as yosh mentioned earlier

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