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EDIT: Finished, download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dp0v9vmcm09q1c/CNC-Snow%20v1.0.zip?dl=0

Release topic, continue discussion there please: http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=75599

I'm making a remake of the custom map C&C-Snow. Don't worry about CNC-Reservoir, I'll finish that one too, but I got the idea to make this remake, and didn't want to wait until I finished making Reservoir.

I started today, and making this model is thankfully way easier than making the dam from Reservoir, so I've already made a lot of progress. The modelling part of it is already more than halfway done :D

"During operation Scorpion Hunters, GDI found intel on another secret Nod base, located in the Caucasus mountains, it is believed to be the hideout of one of the highest ranking Nod Officers.

A small force has been dispatched in the area to set up a forward operating base, in order to eliminate any Nod activity in the area."

First screenshots:


(open in new tab for higher resolution)


The Nod base will have some destroyed turrets on top of those walls, to give the impression that there's already been some fighting/sieging before GDI were able to set up their base. GDI's base will look less boxed in than Nod's.

Now, I only played custom Renegade maps for a short time in 2007, does anyone have experience with this map, and maybe some tips or things you would improve or change?

And if anyone could help me with this problem, that would be awesome: http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=75441

Edit: I've added a poll to: http://www.thematrixren.net/index.php?/topic/1580-cnc-snow/

about adding a silo, go there if you want to vote.

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Here's an idea:


Green circles are 2 extra silo's, if 1 team is dominating they can have 3 silo's, would be a great boost to the economy. The middle of the path should be closed off I think, I don't want players to be able to shoot from that ledge.

My latest progress, made path nodes:



Had some fun versus bots already, although they didn't really go to the other floors of the middle structure, but that maybe because they were too busy shooting each other on the ground floor :P

And for now the Harvesters drive off to the side of the base, I hope to fix the problem some time but this works for now.

Now it's time to make the cave. :)

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This was one of my favorite custom maps in Ren. IMO the original had a good, fast gameplay which was very straight forward. However, I'm not sure it would work with much more than 24 players.

I think the best way to add an extra dimension in this map is to add flying vehicles and allow them to go over the wall. That way there are three potential attack ways: through the wall (infantry), underground (vehicles) and in the air.

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hmm. don't know if I want to make it a flying map, I think it may improve the map on a couple of points but also bring in new problems. Maybe I 'll make a _Flying version later on..

so, 3rd update on 1 day, I've been very productive today. I had a good flow going so I decided to just keep going. I've almost got a playable map now, you can still walk out of the GDI base and there's probably some rocks you can climb over but the custom models are fully collisioned. The models still need more detail though, and these blurry textures are temporary don't worry:



The radius of the lights will be made bigger.

Looking into the cave, I've made another custom mesh for it, so it looks man-made:


Too bad the landscape textures are a bit square, I think I should've used different landscape settings, might be able to still change it, andthankfully I haven't spent much time sculpting mountains.

Ground floor:


Highest balcony


Open in new tab for higher resolution.

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Hey Dude, Nice job there,

This was one of my favorite and one of the best custom maps from C&C Renegade, Great memories, sniping from balconies and getting many recommendations for highest K/D ratio and kills, fun times.

This was one i was also thinking about doing, but its great that you're doing it, less for me and more gaming : D

Not too sure about flying though, normally when its flying people rush to buy helicopters, and if a team had silos and spammed helicopters you would be f**ked

Flying would also destroy the map in my opinion, that maps all about close combat : D

Also the extra silos look weird but it might be great

Good Luck

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Yoo, the map is nearing completion, only have a few things left on my checklist, here's a bunch of screenshots:


Click the thumbnails for a larger pic + descriptions

When it's done there's only 1 more thing it needs, and that is silos that give more money per second.. Hoping that it will be possible in an upcoming patch (or maybe via Kismet but I've tried a lot of things and all failed)

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Ah nice, looking good!

Sorry to say this but I think the bases look a bit booring.. they're functional but there's no ambient stuff in it (atleast not much), maybe it's an idea to put some more random stuff in it as fillers?

Also, I've noticed that you have got several snow gusts in the level, however, at the light posts it all looks quite clear, maybe it's an idea to add a small spherical fog actor at those light poles? with a very low density, to have the illusion of small snow particles gusting by ? Just like your wind gust actors do? To me it only feels natural that when shining a really bright light onto a windy snowy environment you see small particles in the form of fog :)

Can't wait to test this out!

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Good point, added some containers & barrels to the back of GDI base, and also added cover (those folding table things), so there's more ways to countersnipe people on the balcony.

Also added spherical fog to the lightposts.

Now it's time to make the mini-map

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