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youtube video of New units can't buy them wtf


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Just seen the new beta 5 youtube video err yeah about thos new units like in the video where are they ? can you only get them in crates if so such a waste i reinstalled rene for new i think should make them available to buy from your base plz

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Not at all!

These arent standard vehicles so fighting over them through crates is a great way! Less fuss balance wise too. To the victor goes the spoils (crates)

If you do want to buy them in your base, perhaps you could make a map, tiberian sun style with vehicles accordingly.

I'm much more for that sort of an idea than to mix them with tib-dawn vehicles for purchase

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You could also summon them in skirmish by pressing F5 and typing:

summon renx_game.ts_vehicle_HoverMRLS

Names are: hovermrls, buggy, titan, reconbike, ticktank & wolverine.

This is from memory of this morning, I could be wrong about some part of that code.

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whats the respawn rate for them on the EKT servers

It is, in practice and note that odds are statistics and not hardcoded times, about 25-45 minutes a vehicle in EKT last I played, and about 1 every 3 minutes on CT.

Also, at least 1 person is working on a map with a capturable tech structure like silo, that allows a team to access titans. So there's that.

I think, just for fun, Bong should always have the tibsun crates at least at 1 every 8 minutes. That way, every AOW game still have 2-4 of them at least. They are fun, EKT is marathon and too many vehs would mess them up, their rate maybe should be higher than it is not but not too high, i'd say one every 15 minutes would be plenty for the average Marathon, so about 2.5x more odds than they have now.

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