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Some Map Suggestion?


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  • Developer

Hey there, I'm looking for some suggestions or Ideas for Maps to build.

Ye ye, i'm not an Pro in this but this is a Chance to earn more Exp for Level Ups! :D

It will make me happy if some Guys give me the Chance to Build an Map for the Community who wants such Maps.

If i got enough from one Map, or i get some Ideas so i can build on another Maps to realize / build these Ideas.

It needs not realy much.

Tell me what you wish for the Map and his Gameplay, Stuff like:

-Tech Buildings Yes? or No? How Many?

- Full Base/Small Base

- Without Auto Defs or Dozens! - (Guerilla Gameplay - Difficult Places where the Bases stands and got only Protect from the Team)

- Flying or not Flying Maps

At the Date i'm not expired enough for complicated Stuff like Events (where Nukes at 10 Min. Gametime rains from the Heaven, Tiberium Apocalypse rises and and and...) or creat unique Meshes (Units,Buildings and Stuff) with some Programms (like Blender or Autodesk 3ds Max) maby in Future or only with Help. :P

I will try my best!

Greez. DaKuja

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  • Developer

After released my first Map, I'm working already on a second one. This will be an "Inf Only" Map, it also an remake from one of the Originals Maps


http://media.united-forum.de/commandand ... C_Gobi.jpg

I solved already the Harvesters Spawn Problem and now I'm working on the Map itself.

I try to keep the Map small and not pumped full with too many Stuffs like dozens Rocks,Crates,Lights,Fogs and Bushes to keep an good overview and low Requirements at the Performances.

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