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Air Vehicles

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In original renegade, they didn't have lock-on. I appreciate lock-on, but how did original Ren get away without it?

I specifically remember air vehicles being squishier, or even much plausible to hit. How can they evade so well in RenX? Where they, perhaps, given too much more speed or acceleration? Can they just change directions way too fast?

On the other hand, in games like Planetside 2 with realistically complex and unreactably fast air vehicles, they have specific counter weapons. Would it be better to have more than the rocket soldier in regards to specific counters to air in it's current form? Or should air act more like original Renegade and have much slower change of directions so you can't rapidly weave shots?

For starters, Ramjets doing 48% - 52% damage to them per clip would be nice though...

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Since Beta 3, I've always complained that Orcas and Apaches are too strong. Lock on isn't really the issue though; they have too much HP and their machine guns do too much damage to everything--buildings, vehicles, infantry.

If the missile system was reworked to have no lock-on in exchange for faster missile speed, I'd be down for that. It would make air battles more fun, but this might haphazardly buff the Chinook.

Ramjets I think should do 200 damage to light armor per 4 shots, but that's for another topic.

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Both Campin and Hand's ideas are one's that we have previously discussed in private as CD's. We're looking into both of those, as well as a few other possible ideas too.

Right. I was more just questioning, the general idea, of what changed so much that made aircraft so much different between Renegade and RenX. Renegade aircraft were taken down by average tanks. Anyone remember that? 2-3 meds simply shooting at an apache to make it go away? Now, without some signature AA classes, Air can indefinitely dump on a tank from above it...

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Question, why can't we have Aircraft with their own armor multiplier?

Because they don't. It can be done however.


I think we all know they currently don't have their own multiplier... I was suggesting an idea....

Don't get snippy with me, boi!

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