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Airstrip vehicle destruction


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While both Buildings the Weaponsfactory and the Airtstrip both destroy the undeployed vehicles upon arival of a newly spawned vehicle the Airstrip does this especially on the map X Mountain. When the Harvester gets of the Airstrip it does it so slowly (because it has to turn around) that new incoming vehicles destroy it. The same with ppl who get into their vehicles before they are fully deployed. They try to turn their vehicles around while at the same time the dropship gets in and destroys them. Happend several times during gameplay which puts NOD at a disatvantage especially during early game

On the one hand just turning the airstrip around would make the difference on the other it will make the way much longer from the airstrip building towards your vehicle.

I know this isn't top prio but would be nice if you could change it.

Btw I couldn't use the search function.

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Especially on Mountain-X this is a problem. Everytime someone orders a vehicle, the harvester doesnt leave the strip fast enough. This leads to the problem that it gets destroyed very often when the server is full...
Now that I think of it... yes. X-Mountain was the only map where Strip 's end was facing the back of the base, forcing the slomo Harvy to turn around almost 180 degrees
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could be a silly proposition but , cant the airdrop plane have "no collisions" , i mean just like grass and other objects that u cant collide with ? that way plane could pass right through the tanks .

Or is it the "spawning" of the new tank that kills the other tank ?

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