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Big Brother EVA is watching ... re: over mine


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I do not like it when EVA goes on and on about who is over mining. ( i don't know if this a server thing or game thing)

1. I do not like the feeling of this Big One from on high watching over everything and deciding who has sinned.

2. I was twice falsely accused of wrong doing. It is not over mining to place AT mines. It is appropriate to use mines in defense of an attack in the enemy base.

3. When a lot of people over mine the announcements become like spam.

When the Announcements are wrong and ignored then clearly it is not useful.

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1: I think it's a mutator added to the server, so it's not by design of the game.

2: Using mines in the enemy base is, in my honest opinion, using mines improperly and thus "overmining".

3: The reason why this is added (if I may presume) is because the community is tired of people abusing mines improperly. Warning these players through an EVA message that YOU are doing something improper should teach you not to do it.

It's not a big brother watching over you, it's because you violated the rules set for this mutator to act upon. It's a replacement mechanic for the lack of name-tags on a mine to point out the abuser. This way everyone knows who it is.

What I do not like is, that the entire server gets the message instead of the team. In one game I was notified about a GDI player overmining while I'm on Nod. Seems awefully too tactical information

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The mutator is a server side addition, To my knowledge it's still going under tests and they're working on it daily. I for one am sick to death of idiots constantly over-mining in dumb places to screw there team over. Getting a eva message to your to team informing you of who has over-mined is a good indicator to inform the whole team who's the person responsible.

It has nothing to do with big brother, it's about making the server better so everyone can enjoy it.

Also the team gets the message to my knowledge as that part of the mutator has been fixed.

Refering to your 3. When a lot of people over mine the announcements become like spam

So this mutator seems to annoy you, but the constant stupid "building need repair", "move out" "fall back" spam is all right? 9/10 those spams are not useful, and just people being tards spamming for the sake of it.

I like the mutator, it's nice to see people within the RenX community actually taking an interest and helping out to support there community, the only people i truly see complaining are the ones who don't contribute at all, come on a server and bitch that the server sucks, it lags, crates are shit, crashes etc.. Newsflash for you all it's BETA3 .. Instead of bashing the server, why not take it up with the devs?

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I think it is not good addition, Earlier I played and someone mined the shit out of our base and used 80 mines in total. AND as a GOOD player I mined, and this EVA troll said I was overmining -_- the troll EVA is so annoying and does not seem to help with the issue of overmining itself.

Also they should have just added a mutator that makes spamming less, like q once and have a 2 sec delay or 3 sec delay. THAT will really help the entire team or just add a different chat for team and q command -_-.

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Sorry to hear that some peaple dont like the mutator.

We made it because of the thousands of games that get destroyed by peaple that dont know how to mine proper ore just dont care.

The mutator will only give a message to the own team, so GDI wont see a message if NOD is overmining.

This would be unfair!

Since the last past days i saw several new players who noticed the EVA message and stopped mining. After the message they asked what they did rong and got the information they needed by experienced players.

I believe whit this message we can help new players and learn new players how to play this game.

It will help the community grow and no one needs to shoud to anyone about overminning.

We added the mutator on our server since this week and changed things for the past few days.

Still we would like to have feedback on our website (www.thematrixren.net) where we discus this kind of things.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

What I would complain would be the fact that there's a little glitch in the mutator. Mr Sunshine knows this btw

In a game, we filled the limit and managed to test the warnings well, but then in the next map, we get the warning right when we placed the FIRST mine.

Also, I believe custom weapons should be doable as mutators, so... team-mine-deleting rep gun people?

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We added the mutator on our server since this week and changed things for the past few days.

Still we would like to have feedback on our website (http://www.thematrixren.net) where we discus this kind of things.

I just signed up on your new website (the old one .com seems to be replaced) and I would like to know which forum topic is the one (and where is it located) about the mutator.

I'd like to ask a few questions related to the mutator.

e.g.: Designate an area for mining, mining outside the area would cause the "overmining" EVA message. which would limit the mining use inside the base.

Depending on mine limit ofcourse, mines in close proximity of eachother (e.g. doorways) have a set-max before it prompts the EVA overmining message.

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Hmm i checked it and it's a section for members/mod's only.

I think it is because MrSunshine made the mutator last week and wanted it to discus whit us first.

Still feel free to make a topic about it and discus the pro's and con's!

I could found this discus topics about overminning:

http://www.thematrixren.net/index.php?/ ... sible-ofc/


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The message delay between each warning has been changed to 10 seconds instead of 5 up from none, I realize that it seems spammy at times and I've been tweaking the delay to see what time is most effective.

The first mine overmining bug has been fixed for a while.

Please direct all further questions to the following topic and I'll do my best to answer:

http://www.thematrixren.net/index.php?/ ... g-mutator/

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