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What time do you enter a match? I'm very late.ds


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I have been very happy with the new beta 3, but it it time for me to raise my #1 issue atm.

When a game ends and we all go on the next map, i typically begin 35-45 seconds into the match.

I am no longer surprised to find an enemy next to me shooting me as i begin. The first rushes are underway and sometimes the game is decided as i begin.

When do others typically begin?

And, is there anything i can do to help my situation? My machine is barely to spec for the game.

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There will be a match start delay in the next build that will give people time to load up on new map, which should let almost everyone in before the match begins.

If you've made sure your drives are defragged and that your not running a bunch of hogging processes in the background, there probably is not really much else you can do except for hardware upgrades.

We did used to have way faster load times at the expense of higher memory usage in Open Beta 1 when we built the game in a different way, but too many people still run on very low RAM that it ended up causing crashes for a lot of people, so we've had to revert to the slower load times but lower memory usage method. Too many people trying to get their dinosaur rigs to play new games :-P

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same here, a 10second delay would be fine. maybe just allow chat but lock chars on the spot then off you go.

Maybe in marathon mode it shows the clock say -10 etc or even better make it so we can set it in the options then we can judge what time is best??

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I believe the plan is to make it a server option, dunno where I read it but somehow this is in the back of my mind.

I would favour 30 seconds planning-delay.

Lets say, people get the donate command ready to 1 individual and buy APC for rush. maybe 2 APCs for rush, thats quite strong. I believe there was a discussion going on for a no-donate feature in the first 5 minutes to prevent donate-rushing.

However, the planning could also entail to organize a defense against said rush.

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