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An idea regarding Renegade X's far future

Kriemhild Gretchen

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Would it be possible to keep everything, all the mechanics, all the characters, weapons, etc. exactly the same, but change everything's textures and in-game names and descriptions, and have it regarded as its own game.

I was thinking that, at some point in the future, the team could do precisely this and publish the game in full, completely unrestricted by EA. This would potentially allow them to monetize and make a profit off of Ren X.

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Quickest reply ever: :]

I have been thinking about this a lot too. For example, Team Fortress 2 had a shameless Korean clone and was able to monetize it. They skirted the edge of copywright and now it has a somewhat stable community.

Seriously though, the Command and Conquer designs are great and nostalgic, Renx is everything i have ever wanted in a CNC fps. But the real content that had me coming back wasn't the tribute and lore to CNC, but the GAMEPLAY.

I wouldnt mind a game exactly like this but with the wallpaper ripped off. In fact i would love it, and love even more to support Totem Arts financially. They deserve it more than any dev team i know.

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I think they could. The real shame, is the "theme of the game" is part of it's character.

However, they could eventually do it. Heck, I even suggested that it would be crazy unrealistic but cool if they published under another RTS producer possibly interested in hiring them to work on it and porting it's theme into let's say Starcraft or TA/SC/PA.

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Ofcourse it is! But those big companies want to protect their rights and why shouldn't they?

Rename the ingame characteres and vehicles and buildings to not correspond to the CnC franchise or any other.

Remodel the buildings/vehicles/characters a small bit to not resemble the CnC franchise or any other.

Maps are essentially remade but not exact copies of the original so therefore, I see no problem there.

Game mechanics remain the same.

How often has Blizzard pulled this trick to resemble other games and movies and incorporated them into World of Warcraft.

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A lot. A lot of places do that. I was just suggesting, not all companies are as bad as EA. Blizzard, who knows why the fuck they didn't greenlight Ghost. However, they could totally use this as a starting point to annex Totem Arts to develop it, is what I was suggesting.

And besides that, there are indie RTS games that might also partner.

There are pros to partnering. Cons include a publisher's influence over design, and the design possibly varying significantly from Renegade as infantry might be different, it may be APB or Reborn amounts of different. Pros include financial stability, a huge playerbase to synergize off of because rts players will play a strategy fps, and continued official support.

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