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Recording Renegade X


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Hello everybody, this is JoblessHD aka EKT-Jobless ingame !

And.. I have a very simple question and this is about recording Renegade X

For the past few days, I've been trying to use both Fraps and Dxtory to record Renegade X.

Fraps : lags ingame and decreases frames per second (FPS) to 10-20s

Dxtory : Records with lag every once in a while and the end result is just horrible, it seems like the entire game just lags out during the video

Problem : Can't record without the video lagging/Game lagging

Solutions : ??

I have a pretty decent computer, I have recorded some videos in the past of games that are more intense than Renegade X and have had better FPS While recording

So do any of the smexy members that have recorded a video of Renegade using these 2 programs have a solution? If so please reply here

Thank you all and see you on EKT Servers !

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  • Totem Arts Staff

well i record all the time ... but i have a GTX760 that has shadowplay (records with a built in h.265 encoder)

as i dont know what set up you have i cant say if you can use the same (Nvidia's or AMD's built in recording systems) ... but before i had this card i used fraps or action ... action is a bit better can record with encoding h.264 or raw and its pretty light on the FPS

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Um. I got an Alienware x51 with 8 GBs of RAM, Intel Core i7 3770 CPU with 3.40 GHz

I also use NVIDIA Geforce 660 ( I suppose that's the name, but it's the 660, not the TI version though)

I'll try using Action recording program, hopefully it'll work, but anyways, thanks a lot

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Thanks for posting this JoblessHD! Quite a while ago I'd like to film what I do but didn't want to pay much for programs like Fraps that lack in quality. Thanks to Kenz3001's replies, I now found out that I was able to record stuff with the Geforce Experience shadowplay thingy.

Thanks a bunch!

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Thought I'd just put my two cents in this as well for those with AMD gpus (like myself).

I usually use Action but it has been crashing/freezing lately so I've been using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to record at the moment and I find it works pretty well.

Action however is usually alright and supports recording with AMD VCE or Intel QuickSync (both help to decrease the overhead a fair bit).

Another suggestion would be to try out MSI Afterburner which I believe also has support for QuickSync.

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Like what was stated above

I tried the Action, but it doesn't work properly with me, so I tried out shadowplay and the frames are at a constant 60 on ultra settings while recording, I even recorded my first video about a minor bug here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dutvexg8 ... e=youtu.be

But yeah that's it, thanks again for the reply all

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I like Shadowplay too, I've recorded some game sessions now on 1080p. The problem I'm having now is that Shadowplay creates an mp4 file format resulting in a max of 3.8gb filesize. Length of the video is between 11 and 13 minutes per file. Shadowplay automatically creates a new file so nothing is lost, but it's not a single video file which is anoying.

I either need a program to combine those files into a new format or use a different recorder.

My results are the same as JoblessHD though, VERY seemless and FPS is constant at 60-61 (except for the loading screens, those fluctuate between 20 and 30.)

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using win7 64bit, bought it because I don't like win8. Win7 is imo better in other aspects. I also think win8 is created with touchscreen in mind rather than normal PC use with keyboard and mouse. 8.1 changed it I know, but still ... I've spend 90 euro for win7 and not likely upgrade it to any other in the near future.

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