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Sniper bullets travel really slowly?


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I recently started playing Renegade X over multiplayer, luckily there are servers very close to my location so i only have like 40ms ping.

Anyway i noticed that the Sniper rifles (for 500$ and 1000$ classes) have a rather slow bullet that takes even up to a second to reach it's target over medium-long distances.

Personally i find this "sniper bullet travel time" to be really bad, especially when infantry can move really rapidly in any direction AND can spam jump while firing most weapons.

However i wanted to ask you, more experienced players, about this "sniper bullet travel time" that seems to plague the sniper rifles?

Is this feature really intended, or is it going to be removed?

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Havoc and Sakura's Ramjet rifle are hit scan weapons I am pretty sure. In other words where ever you point and click the "bullet" (imho its more like a lazer beam that travels at the speed of light hence it is hit scan) will instantly hit the target.

Do not lead your targets with these weapons just point and click.

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They hit where you click instantly. There only tends to be a delay in the hit response from the servers, which makes the hit seems like it takes a while to register, but in the end it hits where your crosshair was when you clicked, precisely.

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For some reason I also get the feeling that sniper and ramjet are not hitscan.

The one gun I feel has really fast projectile speed and is truly hitscan is the sbh laser rifle.

I assume PIC and rail gun too but I never use them.

It's probably all in my head.

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I can understand why you would think this.

Depending on your ping to the server (even if it is in the low 40's -> 50's) you should have your crosshair only a tad in front of the player you are trying to kill, and adjust for this depending on how far away your target is.

You should not attempt to compare the RamJet Rifle with what it was in the old Reneagde - while the weapon preforms the same statistically the Unreal 3 Engine has Client -> Server -> Client processing time, where as the oldskool Renegade had no lag what so ever with hit detection.

The old Renegade's netcode was so poorly planned that all hit detection was done client side, even the amount of damage your client assumes you did was sent over the netcode and was not taken from a base value on the sever, this allowed hackers to create weapon modifications easily.


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