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Suggestion for crates


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Crates are fun. You never know what your gonna get. But When a crate switches my class its really annoying. There is no point to using a crate to switch to a basic class because you can do that yourself at any building for free. Not to mention if you paid for a character and the crates wastes your money by switching you back to a basic class.

How about create a new "commando" class that can only be accessed by crates. The commando would have overpowered weapons and armor making worth risking your character for the crate.

Also, how about the option to turn crates on/off at the map selection?

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It would be also neat if crates contained tiberium weapons. Especially on maps that don't have silos, it would be a nasty surprise if one would run into someone who just picked up a e.g.: tib-flechette rifle from a crate. The green EVA message could say "So-and-so picked up a new weapon."

Also, refill-crate respawn-rate should be higher, and death crates should be near %...or just get rid of them altogether. VERY VERY BAD IDEA, death-crates. I've read in the rules I have to watch my language. Once I picked up 3 death-crates in row. Makes for a very bad gaming experience.

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In all honesty, the free classes are the only ones that can get switch crates. The devs mentioned in Beta 3 Crate Changes, that the crates are being made a "moba style mini objective", so they are always positive, and they always check for low health/ammo for refill, free class for class change, and can also drop ellusive spies and free vehicles.


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