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One of things I find missing to make this game uber-epic is lack of C&C music.

C&C franchise is known for it's good music, and I think this game should be no different.

Did devs think about adding C&C-like music?

I know that there are a lot of sound effects and player commands to listen to, but so was in RTS C&C games, and music did not interfere with that.

With getting actual soundtrack from any of C&C games there would also be legal problems, so I think that C&C-like music would be just fine.

Unless we ask Frank Klepacki if he has some free time to make something for us :)

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The C&C soundtrack was the hypest shit. It took 1990s geopolitical warfare to Funkytown with a lot of kick ass on the way.

When I first started Renegade X, I was pretty disappointed that the music didn't have the same feel. It feels like it's too modern or trying hard to sound like the gritty FPSs we have now. I hope the finished game improves on this, but if not, I don't mind just running VLC in the background.

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Dude, I would totally ask Frank if he could lend his mad skillz for a Renegade soundtrack. There is, however, an official soundtrack, which I found while looking at ModDB after being pointed that way in an earlier thread:

http://www.moddb.com/games/renegade-x/d ... gade-x-ost

As it stands, though, when I play I actually make a point of putting on music from Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Renegade, and remixes thereof (including the Renegade-X soundtrack).

I've actually wondered if the devs had certain songs in mind when they were designing maps. Tiberian Dawn's Rain in the Night, for example, goes really well with Mesa.

When playing Walls, I usually put on Pharoteknical or one of the remixes thereof. And on Whiteout, I listen to March to Doom.

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How much was he asking for? Maybe it could be crowdfunded!

Remember that the developers are not allowed to recieve any cash from anyone when it comes to donations.

Although... You could contact Frank himself and ask if he could make a song for you, which the developers could then use in the game. :P

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