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Hon takes no damage on windows


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I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not. but i tried this on field. Whenever i shot at any of the HoN's windows, the building didn't take damage at all!


The windows specifically act force fields rather than like actual windows when it comes to getting hit by tanks.

It's a minor bug, but it's there. When attacking an unbroken window, neither does the window break, nor does the building take any damage.

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They're just windows. Shoot the building instead.

Wow. I never thought of that. hit the buildings instead of the windows? just f***ing genius.

You're welcome! I try to help people not just shoot windows and/or have ambiguous threads that were actually about shooting the interiors of buildings.

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In Renegade they did, but I've been told that in Renegade X currently they do not damage the inside of buildings. I've not tested it myself. I don't make a habit of shooting into buildings unless I'm killing infantry.

That's false. Ive tested it myself. they do damage the insides.

And thats not the real issue. the issue is they dont break windows.

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