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The Free Classes (and chem trooper) Skins


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So, i've been wondering, will the developer team eventually release a unique skin for each free class (such as the flame thrower trooper and grenadier) like in the original Renegade? Its kind of dull looking at a Nod soldier walk out holding a flamethrower who appears to decide that he's going to wear obnoxiously bright red pants and shirt. The same goes for the Chem trooper, who looked really menacing with that red dome encasing his head and hazmat suit to go with it in Renegade. Now it looks like Nod has a secret stash of magical green pants that make you invincible to Tiberium. Im not really complaining about the matter, but I find it kind of a let down that both the GDI and Nod starting classes (excluding the engineers of course) and the Chem trooper are literally the rifleman class with a slightly different colour scheme.

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That fishbowl thing on the Renegade chem trooper's head looked dumb as hell. He was easier to headshot too.

The skins for the soldiers look way more true to tiberian dawn.

This is true. On the other hand, they are described as wearing bio-hazard suits in the original game, right? The graphic used for the manual/menu icon just has them wearing a gas mask in addition to the standard Nod uniform.

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2012 ... Manual.gif

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The Flamerthrower and Chemtrooper both had a resistance to explosives in renegade (c4s,mines,etc) so it would be reasonable to make them appear to be more heavily armored than the standard infantry.

I'm not saying they should move slowly or look like something out of the hurtlocker,but something similar to this would suffice.


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Chem troopers would take 20% of normal damage when shot by tiberium/poison weapons.

Flame troopers also would take 20% of normal damage when shot by another flamethrower. their suits are not 'explosion'-resistant, nor are they immune to burn-damage-over-time, though. except when it comes from another flamethrower.

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