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Renegade to english - noob's guide


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There are some people have no idea what "WF" or HON" means. Here is where I explain it all.

Before you know it, it will become a everyday language. You can finally but another actual language on your facebook profile instead of putting UK and US english.



AGT = Advanced Guard Tower

WF = Weapons Factory

Ref = Refinery

PP = Power Plant

Bar = Barracks.

tech = tech building


OBI=Obilisk of light

Air= Air strip

Ref = Refinery

PP = Power plant

HON = Hand of nod.

tech = tech building



hummer = Humvee

MRLS = Mobile rocket launcher system.

APC = Advanced Person Carrier

Med = Medium Tank

Mammy = Mammoth tank

Trans = transport helicopter

Orca = Orca


Buggy = buggy

arty = Mobile artillary

light = light tank

flammer = flame tank

stank = stealth tank

trans = transport helicopter

Heli = Apache


People don't use renegade language for most charaters. but here are the ones you kids will hear:


Engie = Engineer

Hottie = Hotwire

Sniper = Havoc


Engie= engineer

Tech = Technician

SBH = Stealth black hand

Sniper = Sakura


As well kids, these are not used much too:


rep= repair gun

Ion= Ion cannon becaon

Noobjet = Ramjet rifle


Rep =repair gun

Nuke - Nuclear strike beacon

Noob jet = Ramjet rifle

Please correct any mistakes here.

Thats it kids, have fun and play.

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Your list is pretty complete, but you misspelled flammer. It should be flamer.

Also a havoc and sakura are mostly called exactly how they are called (a sakura they call sak sometimes though).

A deadeye and black hand sniper are usually called 'sniper' or '500 sniper'.

'Rep ...' Is also used to said 'repair ...'.

For the rest... Nothing else left to say :D

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you forgot some things:

first: normally its called ob not obi (but thats almost the same anyways)

air: more the building of airstrip rather the strip

strip: well, for strip

lighty: i never said light...huh

flamer: for flamer tank or also the flamer char.

sak: sakura

hot: hotwire (but hottie is way more common)

hav: havoc (mostly he is still called just havoc)

sidney: sidney with ion gun

raver: raveshaw

gt: guntower

turret: gun turret

flak: anti aircraft gun (flugabwehrkanone)

tun: tunnel

char: character (that you can purchase)

timed: timed c4

harvy: harvester

tib: tiberian

tib gun: tiberian gun

in german we also say BMT for APC, might be good for the english ones to know that word to understand what he / she means with bmt ^^. bmt: bewaffnter mannschaftstransporter (in the old c&c they were called like that in german).

keep in mind that the word tech can also mean engie... if someone is in need for a tech he just wants someone to rep (can also mean repair not only repair gun) him.

everything else is perfect.

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1 comment:

nubjet/noobjet/etc in the old ren referred to a SBH carrying a ramjet rifle. As the SBH is invisible as long as he does not aim, he can be standing in plain sight trying to aim at a player and right after shooting, taking cover untill he's invisible again, aka the nub-way of sniping in maps like walls.

I not tend to use nubjet in renx as I affiliate the term with SBHs, since it's impossible to pick up a weapon in renx, i stick with sniper/sak/havoc

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Invader(EN)/Invasor(GER): An hostile engineer running straight for the master console in a building during their frontal assault.

Mantle/STANK/Limo: Can stand for Stealth Tank.

HMW/HMMW/Hummer/Hum: Humvee

Bug/Raider: Buggy

LTANK/Scorpion: Light Tank

MTANK/Abrams: Medium Tank

Tow: Guardtower

Atow: AA-Guardtower

Flarak(GER): Can stand for SAM site

Mamy/XXL: Mammoth

Helitrans: Transport Chopper

Orc(a): self explainatory

Fly: Apache

NBC/Chem: Chemical trooper

Iona: Sydney

Rock/Rocky(EN)/Rakzero(GER): Rocket guy

Commando/CMND: Havoc

Silo: The neutral building, duh

Griller/FTANK/Flame®/Pyrotank: Flametank

Pyro/Flame: Flamerguy

Obel(or Opel^^): da Obelisk

Tesla: Any guy with an zapping electric weapon. Alternately used for Obelisk too

Emo: Sakura

(Mine-)Sweep: To cleanse the mine carpet via running over them


HARV: Harvester

Ghost: Stealth guy

Rambo: Officers and Laser chain gunner

Lazor: Any guy with an laser as weapon

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400 on [building] = there is 1 timed 2 remotes or 2 timeds ready to blow on [building]

200 on [building] = either 1 timed or 2 remotes

not [building] = commonly used when a beacon is deployed to indicate a certain building has been checked.

[building] clr = Specially used in smaller games to indicate a certain building is free of enemy engineers when you dont see any enemies in the opposite base and you just killed yourself back.

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