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[Tip] Take screenshots with F9.


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You can use the setbind console command to bind console commands to keys directly ingame. I've binded a few commands for the purpose of screenshots and what not.

To use the setbind command hit F5 type in setbind (Key) (Command). For example:
setbind p shot

This will map the "P" key to the console command "shot" which is to take a screenshot which by default is F9

ShowHUD (toggles the HUD on/off)
ToggleScreenshotMode (Toggles all UI and first person model on/off)
Shot (takes a screenshot)
TiledShot # (takes a high res screenshot by tiling the screen by the #. For example TiledShot 4 is 4x4 res of your screen resolution) - This does cause post process artifacts
PlayersOnly (Pauses the game but allows you the player to move around)

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