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Application For Staff Position


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(I'm borrowing Killa's application style because I thought it looked good)

Nick : CarrierII

Availability : Medium for the next two weeks then quite high

Skill(s) : Fair and improving knowledge in Unreal Edit

Work Examples - Video of C and C Field.ut2

Before I link you, I think I'll just take a moment to explain (and hopefully Titan can back up what I'm saying)

The map in the video is made out of BSP based terrain, this renders fairly quickly, does fairly well for collision and self-optimizes (biggrin.gif) - The editor use a heightmap to store the shape of the terrain, this heightmap is saved as a texture within the map file, which like any other texture in Unreal, can be exported, because it can be exported, it should not take me too long to remake this in Editor 4.0 (Through re-importing it and generating a terrain based on it). However, things like static meshes (Lamposts and rocks are good ones to put in as static meshes, there are lots in many maps) and BSP brushes (The bunkers and bridges) and Emitters (The waterfall) won't be exportable to Editor 4.0, so I haven't bothered to make them (Well, it would be a modeller who made the static meshes). Hopefully that made sense.

The textures are the orginals from Renegade, something closer to 2048 X 2048 would be better for terrain, not 256 X 256 - however, i'm not a texture artist sad.gif

I am also aware the barn is bright pink. (Don't have unwrap skills so can't get the original texture to work... sad.gif )

12 MB video (Field.rar)(Needs Windows Media Player and WinRAR)

I also have an idea as to how, if you wanted to, we/you (depending on whether or not you accept me) can go a bit C&C-3 style with the tib crystals, but it won't affect gameplay smile.gif -

If you made about 5-7 different (and simple) tib crystal models, and then imported them into Unreal, and used them as a deco-layer on the terrain, it would create a C&C-3 style tib field, but as deco-layers don't have collision enabled, people and tanks could walk/drive right through them. Just an idea smile.gif

Finally, I hope you accept my application to join your team. Even if you do not, I shall stick around and help where I can.


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Looks allright, you got most of the height/width to seem close enough...I'd like to see you dwell into some SM's and use the cut tool to bring in the tunnels, which can be brushwork covered by SM's where you cut into the terrain.

as for crystals, we do plan on using deco layers to make them appear and also disappear thru scripting of the harvester....they will have no collision, which is fine.

it's a good start.

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I would like to learn how to develop maps. Is there a manual or something where people can go to get a basic understanding of how to do it? I have UT2004 and had a look at the Map Editor and pulled in an existing map and can see what was done but not how.

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As my signature suggests, I got bored, so I made a waterfall. However, Renegade's original waterfall was a sheet waterfall (2D brush with a scrolling texture, tacky, but easy to render). Considering the sheer capability of modern PCs and the Unreal engine, I thought I'd use an emitter, however, Renegade's original waterfall texture is.... not great. If someone felt like making a waterfall texture, like the one Here (from here) that would be great.

I'll try some tunnels now, like Titan suggested. smile.gif

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There's no water effect in Unreal Ed, (that for this, anyway, when you go underwater it has some effects) you need some sort of texture that looks like a water surface, so you can use particle systems to make waterfalls.

It's not a model that's needs unwrapping and texturing, it's just a polite request for a texture that looks like a water surface.

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