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Destroying enemy vehicles while on foot


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I played a few games today and realized that it is incredibly difficult to destroy an enemy tank without having a vehicle of your own. As a grenadier your grenade launcher is difficult to am, doesn't deliver much splash damage, and a direct hit on a vehicle just scratches the paint and gets the driver's attention. Is there a better way to do this? Because the tanks seem to have an easier time destroying buildings than I have and if NOD gets 3 flame tanks anywhere near the GDI base the match is pretty much over. Is there a more effective antitank class or is it a matter of using engineers to keep the guard towers functioning?

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Free character should not have an easy time killing tanks, then there would be no point in spending money on tanks when free people an kill them. Keep in mind, while free characters have a hard time with heavy armor, they can still toss timed C4, and (for example) free flamethrowers can make short work of light armored vehicle, like MRLS.

As for heavy armor, once you get past free characters, there are a number of purchasable character that work awesome. Gunners, Laser Chaingun/Rifle, Railgun/PIC, then the volt rifles...soon...

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I would hope that direct hits from a grenadier and direct hits from a flame infantry would have pretty similar effectiveness.

It seems like a handful of flame-inf or grenadiers, if able to survive the shots of a single tank, should be able to take the tank out.

Though one shouldn't expect either to be very effective alone against a tank, just do some damage.

Don't give this opinion too much credence though, I haven't paid a great deal of attention to the damage dynamics of free characters.

And generally, when your down to free characters without vehicles, there's not as much hope for victory in the battle.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

If you're down to free infantry, and Artillery/MRLS, Humvee/Buggies have overrun your base, basic soldiers are probably the best in that position.

If you lost both your weapons factory, barracks, and defenses, well, the inability for a real defensive chance is part of the game mode. Make sure those buildings don't die.

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