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Found 3 results

  1. I really enjoyed my first solo against bots battle. ( new improved bots ) I had previously fought with a tough group of compadre against 32 level 9 bots and i was impressed by that. But i am a continual newb, saints be praised, so i thought i would try my hand against 5 bots at level 1. Surely this will be a stomp. My uber skills will destroy their base in no time. o0 They sent in multiple hummers and i had a fine time defending and fighting my way to their base. I look forward to testing myself against these evil minions of the A.I. hive mind. They shall not defeat us!!
  2. So this is also something the devs may know about, but... On Walls yesterday, a bot (Specifcally, Rob Baker. Bad Rob!) garrisoned the SAM behind the Hon. He was shooting at ground units, infantry and vehicles alike. I knew that bots would occasionally garrison GTs and such, but not that they would shoot at ground units from AA defenses. p.s. Is there any way to insert pictures so that they're viewable in-forum without uploading them to an image hosting service?
  3. When I select in main menu skirmish, then select map and then set number of bots to 16 and play the game, 8 bots appear only in GDI. I've tried with console, vote menu. Nothing worked.
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