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Found 3 results

  1. A couple of days ago I already wrote that I recently found new concept art for RenegadeX for models of technology from Tiberium Sun. Now these rumors are confirmed, if not in words, then precisely in 3D When it comes out I do not know. The developers are unlikely to say, but for me at least with the release of the City map this year. Maximum in a year. Here are their finished works and concept art with the expected technique, which will be released (possibly) in the next update. I also note that in many models, artists confirmed what they did specifically for RenegadeX. Information will be updated as soon as anything else is known! *Update* At the moment, that’s all I’ve found. Additional materials will be supplemented here;) Garpy Helicopter Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Ярослав Барышев Banshee Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Yaroslav Baryshev(Apparently he was a fashion designer all the time, but laid out a model without textures! It's a shame!) Tik Tank Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- James Bruner Subterrain APC Concept- Lucasio Roland Devil's Tongue Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Yaroslav Baryshev Stealth Tank MK2 Concept- Lucasio Roland 3D Artist-Yaroslav Baryshev Artilery NOD Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Unknown (Maybe it'sYaroslav Baryshev) Atack Buggy Concept- Lucasio Roland(?) 3d artist- Mason Rosenquist Attack Cycle NOD MK2 Concept- Lucasio Roland Infantry NOD Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Sharad Pradhan GDI Light Infantry Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Dênis dos Santos GDI Orca MK2 3d artist- James Bruner GDI Disruptor Tank 3d artist- James Bruner Titan GDI Concept- Lucasio Roland 3d artist- Mason Rosenquist Concept- Lucasio Roland(?) 3d artist- Mason Rosenquist Juggernaut GDI Concept- Lucasio Roland Concept- Waqas Iqbal 3d artist- Yaroslav Baryshev Concept- Waqas Iqba l(Not exactly. I did not find concept art for this model, but given their number, the theory has a right to exist.) 3d artist- Yaroslav Baryshev
  2. Ok by the tags I've put you're already aware of the idea! Here me out, I think it'd be pretty neat if you were to add the GDI Disc Thrower & Cyborg or another NOD unit to the mystery crates, I didn't really have a better idea for NOD because their unit selection is rough maybe Elite Cadre or Toxin Soldier, but I think you could make it work. The cyborg would require probably a decent amount of coding especially if you'd implement them having their legs blown off and still able to move but at a penalty and not able to get in a vehicle, not many would like the lack of this ability which would probably make you get rid of the losing the legs, which in my opinion if you didn't code that in could make them overpowering others. The Disc throwers is a interesting choice for the matter of being able to flush enemies out of cover without worrying about you dying as you're trying to throw C4 around a corner to deal with say a shotgunner/flamethrower Trooper/chemical Trooper and if you do not have anyone willing to be a Grenadier. Cadre for another Black Hand unit in the game & so gdi could have the disc throwee , and toxin soldier....I'm not exactly sure how this would work.
  3. Just messing around with one of the titan maps. Knock Knock, Who's there? I came to talk to the Hand.
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