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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome Back, Commander! Welcome to the first patch on our road to the FINAL version of Renegade X! Starting this year, we'll be adding in new content and bug fixes as a part of the FINAL version - a.k,a. Version 1.0 - roster. This update includes a lot of quality of life features, bug fixes and gameplay adjustments to refine the experience even more. Chemical Warrior Something never felt right with the Chemical Warrior character, so we've addressed that with a brand new character model taking much more resemblance to its OG counterpart. Much better than a Black Hand Sniper paintjob, right? New Map! Mines We're pleased to announce that we're adding in CNC-Mines (created by community member a newly appointed staff member @Njorl). He has been working hard to update the with the recently gained feedback from the public playtest. Check it out! Overview Menu We've redesigned the Overview Menu to give more information regarding your team and the battlefield. The amount of EPIC Characters are now also being displayed. In addition to that, the Airstrike zone is now also being displayed once the target has been painted! Revealed Position For the first time in Renegade X' history, we're bringing in a new feature that originally comes from Firestorm! Commanders can now spot enemies, but those enemies will get notified about that their position has been revealed. What's next? We hope with this patch out we can continue the development of the 1.0 version of this game. We already have some things in the works that will come in the near future. That includes the release of the most anticipated map at this moment: City. One other thing that is almost near completion is another character model! I hope he brings more "Firewood" to this game. Until next time!
  2. And here you thought we were dead. Note: These are PRELIMINARY, so this list is subject to change.
  3. Hello folks, here's a list of issues with v5.292 patch content / balancing etc. Feel free to post (yet) unknown bugs here as well! "ability" HUD display is not working correctly - throw e.g. an EMP, enter a vehicle, leave it after some time, HUD display shows ~50% (just an example) but you can still throw the EMP also if you throw a grenade and purchase another unit with grenade ability - she HUD bar is empty (you still can throw the purchased units grenade) Infantry Elite self-regen is not working Vehicle Elite self-regen gives ~2 HP / second instead of one [edit: might be a false patch note value indication] if you purchase a Deadeye / Blackhand Sniper and purchase a refill afterwards you'll get the heavy pistol instead of a SMG as sidearm purchase terminal sound plays once ability / grenade recharged (could be intentional?) Q-spotting overhaul looks good but enemy MCT-C4 is not displayed correctly (see above) apparently not @Ruud033 / @kenz3001 if harvester gets EMPd while accessing the Refinery bay it gets stuck / stops working (until self-destrcution) [credits go to @limsup] Q-spotting: GDI Guard Towers / Nod Turrets are not highlighted Team vehicle EVA Notification it not displaying the player name. It display: "VehicleOwner" only. Emplacements are not added to the Q-spotting, can't be highlighted Harvesters are not highlighted while Q-spotted. Also they are NOT shown on the Minimap - unless you keep FOCUSING them... (they should at least be displayed 10 seconds...) Silos are not highlighted (didn't check other tech buildings) if captured, "needs repair immediately" is highlighted.. [placeholder] [placeholder] Regards, Sn4ke
  4. TL;DR version: +Grenades are no longer tied to the weapon list. They have their own UI element and are switched to with the 'Grenade/Ability' weapon. Default is 'X' [ala Tac-Rifle] +Grenades are more affected by veterancy +Frag Grenades actually work now +AutoRifle and Tac-Rifle have appropriate vapour trails and sounds when hit-scan now. +Added spread to sniper rifles out of scope
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