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FlowerpotGun.zip 0.8.0

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(I messed up editing the description, so here's a little text for you.)

What's New in Version 0.8.0


Are you tired of drab environments? Do you long for a glimpse of home? The answer has arrived! A portable flowerpot gun to brighten up any combat zone!

Unzip FlowepotGun.zip to your base RenegadeX directory. This should put the files where they need to go. If not, the *.upk file goes in UDKGame\CookedPC\RenX\Weapons, the *.u file goes in UDKGame\CookedPC, and the example *.bat file goes in the base directory.

When the mutator is loaded, (the example *.bat will load this mutator in Skirmish mode on Field) hit F5 or ~ to bring up the console and type, without the quotes, "mutate FlowerpotGun". This will add one flowerpot gun to your inventory - it will not replace any weapons you already have.

This weapon has a primary fire and a secondary fire - try them both.

Known bugs/issues:

1. Flowerpots don't land perpendicular to surfaces at too steep an angle.

2. Flowerpots don't move with vehicle turret rotation.

3. When aiming near vertical, the weapon has no spread.

NEW AS OF 2019.02.02:

4. Some animations are missing.

5. The flowerpots can inflict damage upon their owner when they explode.

6. No HUD indicators show over units/structures when using the weapon.

7. The weapon is supposed to use two rounds on secondary fire, but it can still be fired with only one round in the magazine. (For reference only; this may not be fixed. This behavior is also present in the standard Flak cannon on secondary fire.)

Thanks to Try-Out, Silent-Knight, limsup, and Reivax for helping me test this and reporting some bugs I was not aware of.



Many thanks to those who helped me get this working, especially @Sarah..

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