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Renegade-X Makes Top 100!


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Thank you.

On behalf of the Renegade X development team, I'd like to thank all of our fans. We've made it to Mod DB's "Top 100 mods" for their annual Mod of the Year (MOTY) awards. We could not have done it without you, and we are greatly thankful that you have chosen to vote for Renegade X out of over 8,000 mods.

We call on you again!

The phase 2 to the MOTY has now begun. This is the real challenge. We are up against all the other unreleased mods for the Top 5 Unreleased category. Voting is now reset, and the top 100 mods are in competition for the top mods and indie games position. THIS MEANS YOU CAN NOW VOTE AGAIN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE VOTED FOR RENEGADE X DURING PHASE 1!

All it takes for you is three clicks of your mouse. Visit this page: http://www.moddb.com/events/2008-mod-of-th...r-awards/top100

And under the "Top 100 Best Unreleased Mods & Indies of 2008" category, click Unreal Tournament 3, and then click on the "VOTE" button beside Renegade X.


Note: Check mark is backwards because I'm left handed

If you feel that Renegade X has delivered good updates, trailers, podcasts, and information in the past year, then we need your vote. We at the team have worked very hard on the mod, so if you enjoy seeing our work, and if you want to see Renegade X make it big, then your vote would be appreciated. Voting is the best way for average fans like you to help the mod receive more attention - after all, C&C mode deserves all the attention it could get! Remember that you can vote for as many mods as you want, so if you've already voted for another mod, you can still vote for Renegade X.

Spread the word!

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Guys I'm sorry I haven't been able to check out the forums lately.

I broke my ankle and have cuts under my eye and a deep one on my nose.

My new medicine doesn't work well and it made me jerk forward into the corner of my bed post.

I'll spread the word about this as soon as I get a chance alright>?

I find out today if I have surgery or not...


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Congrats guys...it must feel good for the team to win.

I heard that giant gaming companies always look for talent in such mods. You guys should all be having a thick art portfolio by now...!

If this mod becomes a success, then yeah, you all guaranteed to get a job at EA in the future lol

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