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Ok guys, this is Ferkhat from the ModDB.

I'm the leader of the group called Command & Conquer Fans.

I came to say sorry about the thing happened these days. I posted the news because you guys didnt link it to the group this time. I also didnt know that you have to be registered on the forums to view stuff.

Well, the members had done a bad thing, and the Co-Leader( kicked now) tried to be funny and edited it making fun of you.

I'm really sorry for this.


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QUOTE (Killa @ Jan 8 2009, 04:23 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
thanks for the apology but....

what you talking about?[/b]

Fobby and Havoc might explain it better. Well basicly, there were alot of people saying bad stuff about the forums/mod because they had to register... :/ And stuff didnt turn out good. Finaly, someone deleted the news so the bad stuff would end.
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  • Totem Arts Staff

They posted the update without the permission of the team, but all they did was post 1 picture and then a link to the forums, so people began complaining on how they had to register and it was a cheap attempt for the team to get people to register.

It's not a big deal though, only a few people complained.

You're forgiven as long as you make sure it doesn't happen again.

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We use to have bot problems with our forum when we were really active.. There are mods that you can get to keep bots from registering & posting..

We use teh human question & more complex capa.. When i check the spam logs we get a couple hundred attempts to register a week & thats crazy..

I do agree registering is no big deal however..

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