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Renegade X September Update


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Renegade X --> Bringing C&C Renegade to the Unreal Engine 3

Hey guys. It's been a long time since you've heard from us, and some people have been wondering what has been happening in the mod. It's true, we haven't had a major update for almost two months. We thank those who have been patient, because the September update is finally here, and we've got some goodies to show you!

Website is Live!

In case you haven't noticed yet, but Renegade X has gotten a new website. Check out things like updates, trailers, media, and information. We plan on adding a lot more to the website as time progresses, such as more information on the mod, unit profiles, wallpapers, and possibly a tutorial section for those who want to help out with the project.

Check it out at http://www.renegade-x.com !

September Podcast

The team's finally gotten its third podcast live. In this podcast, which features Fobby, Havoc89, Killa and JeepRubi, we discuss some important issues at hand, such as the status of the mod, and some cool new features you will only find in Renegade X.

It's very informative and funny, and it's only a little over 13 minutes long. So what are waiting for? Hear about the Renegade revolution down the street by downloading the podcast here:


Video Presentation!

We've composed our first-ever video demonstration. Our older videos have shown awesome ingame and CG stuff, but in this video, edited by Havoc89, we take a look at a couple Renegade X features:

-Stealth Effect: You asked for it, and you got it: an awesome stealth effect for Renegade X. It's still a work-in-progress, but the video should give you a good idea of how it will look like once its ingame. In this video, Havoc89 goes around a test map with his stealth tank and fights other ones.

-Damage/Dirt Demonstration (DDD): We wanted to show you all a Renegade X feature you will not find anywhere else. Basically, the more distance you travel in a vehicle, the dirtier your tank will look. The dirt layer works with both dirt and snow, depending on the map you are playing in. By the same token, the more damage your vehicle takes, the more ravaged it will look as a result of that damage. If your vehicle is heavily damaged, you will see some scratches, dents, and burn marks scattered around the vehicle. Havoc89 goes over the feature and gives you a visual in the Video Presentation.

(The video is a tad choppy, because Adobe Premiere doesn't feel like working properly)


Download (Recommended):



YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGPrJopWprk&fmt=18


Two New Songs

Renegade X, for the past two months, has remade many songs from the original C&C Renegade and Tiberian Dawn games. We've gotten two more songs done: 'Move It' and 'Blinded'. Move It is a remake of the Renegade classic, while Blinded is an original, with some inspiration taken from Avenged Sevenfold's "I Won't See You Tonight" song.

You could find all of our songs, including the latest two, here:


GDI M1A1 Medium Tank

The original "Medium Tank" was made after the M1A1 Abrams Tank, so we have decided to take much inspiration from that vehicle into the new Med. The Medium tank is GDI's main battle tank, which is good against pretty much any ground threat you put it against. It's heavily armoured, maneuverable, and affordable.



You saw Under in our previous video test, and now it is finished. We've added trees, snow fall, bunkers, and some other things. Check it out!


Nod Flamethrower

The Flamethrower is back with a new, realistic kickass design! It comes with Nod's free Flamethrower unit, and the flame/fire will be more awesome than ever on the Unreal Engine 3. I can't wait to show you this baby ingame!



Stealth Black Hand

The Stealth Black Hand (SBH) is a stealth trooper that wields an automatic laser rifle. This has got to be my favourite looking character so far: it's been based off of the original concept art, made by our buddy TAS from Westwood, and revolutionized. Check it out!



Nod Mobile Artillery

The Nod Mobile Artillery is a personal favourite vehicle of mine. Not only is it very affordable, but it is also gives a tremendous amount of firepower. It's been brought back for Renegade X, looking better than ever.


Media Platoon

Do you want to help contribute to the Renegade X project, but don't have the skills to be on our team? There's a new way to help the Renegade revolution; visit this link:


That's all we have for now guys. Be on the look-out for more updates!


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For you, Bobby! :P

Very lovely update guys, I'll listen to the pod cast later, got homework I've been putting off. All the images are nice looking, the video was cool. How the tanks looked sure was impressive. The SBH looks great and so does the arty (point whoring FTW! :P)!

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THAT'S IT! I'm getting UT3 and a better video card to play it and I don't care if I have to pawn my house, I have to f***ing play this. The SBH looks as cool and awesome as ever! It has always been my favorite unit, the pinnacle of Nod's technology (lasers and stealth)

The vechs look great and the flamethrower is perfect. Under, at last, looks good.

The stain/wear out system for vehicles is excellent. But tell me, if I repair a worn out/damaged/stained tank, will it regain it's shiny, good-as-new look?

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  • Totem Arts Staff
But tell me, if I repair a worn out/damaged/stained tank, will it regain it's shiny, good-as-new look?[/b]

Yes. Say your vehicle is very damaged; as you repair you will see those damage marks begin to get less opaque and by the time your vehicle is at full health, it will no longer have those scratches. Though, the dirt/snow will stay depending on how much you've driven the vehicle.
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Well ok I will jump on the bandwagon here and postpone killing myself in anticipation as well. You better keep a steady stream of updates if you don't want any blood on your hands.

On a more related node why not wait till the mod is finished and we can play it, release it, then release a update with damage system and stuff? I don't want to wait just so the tanks can look dirty! :angry:

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aha haha

aw my lord, this mod is unbelieveable


you never cease to piss me off with your "hurry up!" type comments, try shutting the Fux up and wait like the rest of us because its clearly motherfooking worth the wait.... C L E A R L Y



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Wow! What can anyone say but WOW, this is looking so cool.

Interesting idea the dirt and snow accumulations on your vehicles - I think that is unique in gaming. Of course most vehicles dont last long enough to accumulate any dirt...

Looking forward to your next info package as you keep blowing us away with each new tidbit!


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QUOTE (sybert @ Oct 3 2008, 07:37 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Everything looks amazing...

I have one thing to say: I think the CnC 3 flamethrower should replace the original Renegade one.

Picture of it:

That looks more like an exclusive Nod uber shotgun. Was that a concept used for C&C3 Black Hand units before they made it to carry flamethrowers?
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