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[Level] CNC-Mines


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Map specifications:
- Non-Flying
- Symmetrical
- Advanced Base Defenses + 2 Guard Towers/Turrets
- Mine limit: 30
- Vehicle limit: 10
- 2 Capturable Silos



How to install:

- Step 1 Download the file
- Step 2 Extract the contents of the archive in your install directory (usually AppData\Local\renegadex - check your launcher settings)
- Step 3 ???
- Step 4 Profit

I recommend not using bots since their paths have not been configured YET, apart from that everything should be fine.


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I really liked the look of this map, and it looks like it would be fun.    Since FieldX was released I have really enjoyed shooting thru the foliage of trees.   I hope you will include some of this fun along with all the other beautiful trees.

Looking forward to playing on this  map!

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