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All i want for Christmas is...


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Bring Back the O button!   Let passengers shoot.

A.O.W. included in our games.     Limit Field to 2 hrs maybe?

More radio lines that are positive and not just panic.

Dial back the Air Strike times.

More meme fun from others like:   The Pistol speaks.

To Always to have one NEW map in rotation.

An end to player complaints about using Command or Beacons in smaller size matches.   Folks need to practice.

For the game to generate information for players like:   How many times Nod won today, or Who won what maps today.   To give some kind of context to our activities.    A symbolic world map that made it look like GDI and Nod are actually battling it out?

Longer initial game build up time.   Deny the high end goodies more.    Yeah i know it wont be popular, but i really do enjoy  the initial back and forth gun play.

An award for Spartan of the match.

Rewards for balancing, or some way to notice if a player has joined your team in an effort to balance when you have less players and your score is lower.

Make donations stick more so I can better see who donated to me.


And !  Thanks so much Devs for the new terrain in Field X.   It is a great change that makes for more fun.    I am glad to see some new changes and look forward to more in the future...  Hopefully!   :)



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