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Renegade X: Patch 5.69.477 - Patch Notes


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"Welcome back, Commander!"

According to our EVA Intelligence Update, the winter storm has ended and snow has melted. Patch 5.69.477 brings us a small handful of bug fixes, quality of life changes and updated audio for the vehicles!




| Bug Fixes / Changes |

  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't gain VP from healing vehicles without a driver, while it is owned by you or a team member
  • Fixed an issue where deployed C4's would be owned by base defenses instead of yourself
  • Fixed an issue where Proximity Mines would fall into the floor in the Power Plant and Hand of Nod and be undisarmable
  • Fixed an issue where the Grenade throw animation was misaligned with the actual projectile being thrown
  • Fixed an issue where the Remote C4 was using the wrong animation for reloading
  • Fixed an issue where the Repair Tool would have no secondary fire sound effect


| User Interface |

  • Defensive Survival: Updated the HUD to match the latest design


| Audio |

  • Updated most of the tank engine sound effects where the audio is being pitch based on the speed of the vehicle


| Quality of Life |

  • Added the ability to restore and kill buildings through the command prompt
  • Added extra classes to the game for adding extra vehicles to purchase menu in SDK


| Maps |

Removed the Winter Seasonal variants, switched back to the default version


  • Crash Site
    • Replaced the Turret guarding the infantry route with a Guard Tower
  • Forest
    • Fixed an issue where the map would always have bots running around
    • Prevented being able to place a Nuke in the blue Tiberium Field that could constantly kill the Harvester when harvesting in the field
  • Goldrush
    • Replaced the Turret guarding the Power Plant with a Guard Tower
  • Hourglass
    • Fixed an issue where the Harvester would get stuck due to a lamp post
  • Outposts
    • Fixed an issue where you could get out of the play area without getting a warning
  • Steppe
    • Fixed an issue where you could shoot through a hole in the rocks, hitting enemies from underneath the terrain
  • Under
    • Fixed an issue where mines would fall through the pebbles in the tunnels and be used in advantage to hide mines
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