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3D models outside of the C&C universe


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Hi all,

Although I have played a fair amount of Renegade X, I am new to these parts.

Just wondering what 3D models people might have created outside of the C&C universe and might feel like sharing.

Here are a couple of mine - a henry hoover, and some characters from Conker's Bad Fur Day (I changed the money texture to old five pound notes because Conker specifically asks for a fiver in the pub :p)

Here's a short animation I made as well, taking inspiration from Red Dwarf:





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Thread seems dead, but here's something too look at:
Im working on a animation in wich i explain how my ideal skillsets in LeagueofLegends look like. Offensive skillset: @0:00 - 1:20, defensive skillset: 1:20-2:34. 

Since this topic is about sharing 3D models. . . .  here you go:


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