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A special game mode for Firestorm in honor of Tiberian Sun: Firestorm's storyline


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What if there was special game mode where you fight C.A.B.A.L called "Firestorm" or "Terminator Protocol?"

GDI and Nod have to survive an onslaught of Cyborgs (a survival phase?) and other mechanical abominations (AI controlled) and complete objectives; such as getting the codes like in Firestorm, before taking the fight to C.A.B.A.L's core. Seeing great work you guys have done so far, I imagine the Core Defender will be terrifying! 


P.S. I have made a post on this subject before that was considerably in the wrong place.

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I expected it to be a low priority, but I wanted to share this idea anyway. Likely this idea will never happen if I did not post it.

If you want more cyborg ideas; for this game mode I mean, look to Twisted Insurrection. They have greatly expanded the cyborgs from Tiberian Sun.

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7 hours ago, Handepsilon said:

The challenge is really the AI. Nobody really wants to deal with it because of how spaghetti it is

I understand, though, I still hope it hope comes to fruition someday, I imagine that it will be a blast.  I believe that it will be some sort of  "three team" game mode that will deviate from the traditional game mode.

Well since that idea cannot be implemented anytime soon, I think I have a more likely one, a map idea for Firestorm if you need called, "C.A.B.A.L. Core." Maybe when the Core is captured, E.V.A. Will change to C.A.B.A.L? Cyborg Units unlocked or a faction unique unit/units unlocked?


P.S. While you were speaking of AI, did the quote, "Cybernetic intelligence will always be superior." come to mind?

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I was doing catch up on you dev talk videos and you said the engine is "Unreal Development Kit," I did some research and learned that it is another name for Unreal Engine 3. Now I understand your situation. I thought you have been running UE4 all this time. 

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16 hours ago, NodSaibot said:

Only in our wildest dreams.

That proves how well the engine displays despite being a dated engine. On the map with the EMP cannon, I was so impressed how well made it was. I looked awesome! I could not even guess that it was made with a dated engine. I pray that you will be able to upgrade to 4 or 5 one day. I fear that you will be choked by the engine's limitations one day.

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