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DevTalk #7: Firestorm Assault Summer Beta

Totem Arts

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Greetings community,

Today we are happy to bring good news for Firestorm. We will be releasing a mostly infantry-centered, objective based game mode this Summer! This will help us get feedback and balance information on all the weapons, while you get a taste of the Tiberian Sun atmosphere we've been working to create in Firestorm.

Check out DevTalk #7 to get more information about Firestorm Assault, and everything else that's in the works.

We also have a new website: https://totemarts.games


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"Assault Mode" made me think of this in honor of Tiberian Sun's Firestorm storyline, what if you had a special game mode where you fight C.A.B.A.L called "Firestorm" or "Terminator Protocol?"

GDI and Nod have to survive an onslaught of Cyborgs (AI controlled) complete objectives; such as getting the codes like in Firestorm, before taking the fight to C.A.B.A.L's core. Seeing great work you guys have done so far, I imagine thr Core Defender will be terrifying! 

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