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Reveival of special "PARADISE EVENTS"?



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  1. 1. Would you join? / Are you interested in PARADISE events?

    • Yes please! I will join!
    • No, what kind of bs is that?
    • Maybe / Depends (please ad comment on what)
  2. 2. Best time slot?

    • PUG-Time on saturday / sunday
    • PUG-Time during working-days
    • Other (please ad a comment)

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It has already been a while, there have been different special events on map PARADISE.

Would there be any interest in resurrecting it?

In needs a minimal number of participants so that it makes sense to make the effort of preparations, which is which is quite large (more than one PUG).

To see what have been done on those events, check out the following youtube videos:


I would be very happy to receive feedback of any kind 🙂

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Good to see that some still remember these fascinating events! I fully support the idea of holding an another one, surely!
Just so that those of you, who don't know what Paradise events are, would learn about them more, I'll repost some of my previous videos on the subject here. Here you go:



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