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Losing Connection several seconds after joining Server and being kicked

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long time player at Ren X

Recently I've started getting this insane issue where I only seem to be able to stay in the match for around 10 to 30 seconds before being kicked out with the message Connection lost to the Host. I'm aware its not my internet since this never happened before and its basically lag free and stable in the first few seconds, then immediately becomes worse and worse till ultimately I'm kicked out.

I have completed uninstalled and deleted the game and reinstalled it and that doesn't seemed to have helped out at all. So I'm stuck with this boggling issue that seems to be persisting and is rather new. As far as I am aware, so far atleast its only happening to me. And its annoying.

I can join certain games fine as well but when a map changes and switches to a different one, the problem resurfaces. 

Edit: Yes, I had never joined the forum despite all my years playing so I had never had any issues before this last week, which still continues

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Providing a reason why I didnt joined the Forum before.
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  • Totem Arts Staff

IIRC, that basically means almost all of the packets (data that is sent over the internet in little chunks) are not making it to your computer. If it happens on every server, then it's most likely an issue with your router or your ISP. if it only happens on 1 server or some from the same datacenter, then you'll probably have to work that out with the server hoster.

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