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So I've been working on a new map I'm getting pretty close to having a first working version up and running (i will post proper screenshots once the lighting is built tonight) I've only been playing RenX for a year or so but I loved the original Renegade and love what you guys have done with RenX wanted to make a contribution to the game. (thanks Totem Arts for putting this game out and having the materials so easily available.)


Air Enabled
Recommended players : 32-64
Max Vehicles : 14
Mine Limit : 30
Gdi Buildings : Power Plant, Barracks, AGT, Refinery, Helipad, Weapons Factory, Repair Pad
Nod Buildings : Power Plant, HON, OBI, Refinery, Helipad, Airstrip, Repair Pad
Neutral Buildings : Tiberium Silo (with Increased credit income)
2 vehicle routes for each side
2 field areas
1 Infantry route for each side
3 dedicated Infantry battle areas (can be used strategically)



Each base has a small infantry route that leads to the other teams field this will allow for early rushes of harvester and will also be a good route for infantry to support tanks if their team has pushed the long vehicle route. (these routes are also vulnerable to sneaking)
There is also a route for infantry catwalk that runs along the centre bridge (This catwalk is a very good place to ambush tanks)
The bridge gives access to the centre part of the map there are 2 stair wells that will take you up to the bunker level (this is a very good place to hit NODs base from but it is also very vulnerable to snipers and aircraft)
The Fight area in the bottom left corner should allow infantry to flank tanks in GDI field It is also a good spot for GDI to Rocket Rush HON and a good spot for NOD to Rocket Rush The Weapons Factory.
The Fight Area In the top right corner should allow infantry to flank tanks in NOD field it is also a good spot for NOD to hit the Barracks and a good spot for GDI to hit the Airstrip.
there is also a tunnel that leads to a sniper spot by the repair pads in both bases

VEHICLES (ground)

There are 2 routes for vehicle
the centre bridge 
and long route through both teams fields

The centre bridge is the quickest way to the enemy base it leads to a small cave in the centre that vehicles its small but it is a very good spot to keep pressure on the other base as well as key defensive point.
If you are going to push from central bridge or arc rush you will need the assistance of a smoke grenade or 2 to get across the bridge

The long route has 2 larger areas for tanks that are separated by two choke points with the central bridges crossing them so be weary which chokepoint you pick when trying to cross. 


Aircraft can easily rush the tiberium refinery

they can fly over all the infantry areas

i think they will be a lot of fun to use at the centre bridge and at the sniper 2 sniper spots

there's a bunch of other things but I've forgotten and don't have anymore screenshots.

I will be fully building it with lighting tonight wish me luck :D 

(I plan to do ALOT more to the map in future)


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Right so its up and running needs a lot of editing to make it prettier but it runs pretty smooth which is the main thing

I plan to be adding a tunnel area into the middle in future updates


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Hey there first of all I would like to say sorry for the long wait still haven't got the AA tower ranges working correctly, i put them back as default they provide some cover for the GDI ref but not as much as i would like (other than that they should be ok.)

Update Log
Changed brightness of the map (was too bright before)
Changed skybox to match the time of day and to blend with the landscape
Added Fog to the environment 
Added GTs covering HON and BAR
Added air defences with custom ranges (half complete)
Redone the Foliage
Updated Minimap

New Map Area:
The centre Mountain has had a lot of new areas added to it (you can now go all the way from the ground floor all the way up to the bunker at the top via 2 stairwells)
There is now a walkway going around the centre Mountain that can be accessed from the walkway of both Bridges with a bunker facing out into each sides field

The Centre Mountain can now be accessed by GDI and NOD field

On the ground floor of the mountain there is now an infantry area with a med centre to fight over (the lighting needs to be redone here)

There is a second floor that ties the walkways into the underground infantry sections of the centre the rock they grant direct access from the bridge walkways into the centre mountain underground infantry areas. (lighting also needs some work)



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a new version of bridge is up


Two new tunnels that connect GDI and NOD bases to the bridges
Lighting optimization around the tiberium fields
Redid the lighting in the med facility area and infantry room above
fixed most of the known stuck spots

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NOD & GDI bike caves where you can buy recon bikes from
Both NOD & GDI bases buildings have been moved closer together
added ramps and extra walls to make it easier to defend
Infantry Paths have been redesigned into caves and also have 2 gts now to make it harder to sneak
There is a tunnel that air can rush through above caves (the aa tower covers this route better than before)
The corners of the map are now accessible to vehicles (work to be done in this area still)
Added foliage and reshaped the landscape

(lease note the map still needs to be optimised)


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I got to play on this map the other day.     I find the layout interesting.    The double bridge must make for some intense fighting... Seems like it will elevate the role of support to keep moving your team forward..  maybe...      It would be fun to see it in action.  :)

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