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Petition to Prohibit early Twin Rocket Crates


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3 hours ago, Mystic~ said:

What is a twin rocket crate? Did this rocket launcher get added to the game in the last update?

Twin Rocket Launcher is a crate variant of Rocket Launcher that shoots 2 rockets in quick succession. Its reload time is slightly longer than reloading 2 rockets on normal variant.
Weapon was added long time ago actually.

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On 2/28/2021 at 3:55 AM, isupreme said:

They are a game killer.    Maybe even a server killer.    God bless they are Awesome fun.  But it is too powerful to be allowed at the start of a match.

Prohibit early Twin Rocket Crates TODAY!

Sign below or other to indicate support.


i dont see a problem with them with how hey react. when ya fire them the 2nd rocket 9 out of 10 times lose the locking of the target meaning ya will miss the target. unless the target isent moving then he deserves to get hit. i find the twin launcher a bit underpowerdt to honest. because it suffers from these problems

1.takes 5-8 seconds to reload

2.the recoil of the 1st rocket shot makes ya lose the locking 9 out of 10 times=dealing half damage because ya miss the target

3. its only a minor bit stronger then a normal rocket launcher at most it deals 25-30% more damage if both rockets hit the target which is only possible if the target remains still or by some miracle ya dident lose the lock on.....


have the same problems with the piercing ion cannon. if all 3 shots connect ya deal 10 more damage then an ion cannon. read carefullly 10!!!!!! extra damage if alll 3 i repeat 3 shots connnect. have ya seen the dam recoil of this piece of crap. at most 2 out of 3 shots will hit the target up close with ya 2nd shot just barelly hitting a bigger target. piercing ion need a damage adjustment have it be if 2 out of 3 hits hit ya target ya deal same damage as an  the personal ion cannon then the 3th miracle shot dealing a bit extra damage making it worthly of the weapon in the crate.


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