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Night Vision for All Units in Night Maps


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I have seen some videos of Renegade X: Firestorm in Youtube. I noticed that there are some very dark night maps. One thing that struck me was that with all these high tech units would one not expect that all (including infantry) units have access to night vision and maybe also thermal vision? 🙂

It could be a fun detail if the GDI units had traditional white/black thermal vision and the NOD units maybe had red/black thermal vision just for sake of faction identity. ^ ^

Also having a traditional green colored night vision for all units in both sides would appear seamless and believable avoiding too much toy'ish coloring in consideration  with the above idea.

I realize that the absence of these modes of vision might be on purpose for easier stealth actions but one could for example limit the range of infantry night vision if necessary, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ATB and good luck with the development from me. [ↄ]\|(π_π )

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I have to join a game today to confirms this, but I think night-vision disappeared from RenX. I remember using it on Field, a lot. I returned to the game, after lots of months and even though the button for night-vision can be set in your settings menu, it does nothing. Not with the basic Marksman, anyway. It should. Or maybe I mapped it wrong, somehow. I have to check again. But, something like that should definitely be a thing in darker, larger FS maps. A neutral green for both sides, like there was in RenX. Or exclusively red for NOD. *shrug* 

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