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Oldschool player returning


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Hey guys 

had quite a few nicknames over years KoQGaZz and neoz5923 being most used 2 


finally getting back into playing loving the tank side of gameplay 

but damn I can’t get to grips with the sniping, have I got bad or is it a million times harder, especially close range 


used to love running around with a sniper killing off engi’s and sneaking around base with ion/nuke etc and especially sniper only servers. 
character damage also seems to have massively changed 


what are the news mods too? Air strikes, emp etc can anyone explain? :) 


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Armor modifier's a thing (kevlar resists bullet,  flak is weak to them). Health and armor number got changed. You need to scope to not have bullet spray. We also had the TTK lowering a few months ago. 

That's about it regarding things related to snipers,  I think

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Wow there is so much that is new.    I will take a couple of points on for ya.

EMP.   This will stop a vehicle rush in it's tracks.    Also it can clear out mines in it's vicinity.

Airstrikes.    God how i hate them.    They will rain trouble on any group of Camped out enemy.    They can be shot down if you have the skill.

No doubt you will notice the extensive use of the new voting system,  and the role of commander.

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Yeah EMPs are great for disarming mines... its one change they brought in presumably to help break a stalemate.

A lot of infantry weapons also have an alternative fire mode attached to the right mouse button. Experiment with those.

As for snipers... their rifles arent really for close range encounters. Pretty sure thats why some also have an SMG.

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