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I only raised this question because in the past I was an instantgib player in a q3 based game. My proposal, maybe to try only in one release and then consider whether to keep it or not, is to remove the delay and slightly reduce the range so that the rail is not very effective from long distance. This way syd/rave does not lose their nature against buildings and tanks but against other players they cannot hide and shoot from long range. What do you think?

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On 1/15/2021 at 10:33 AM, Hicks said:

remove the delay

Originally there was no delay. End result: Wiz, poi, xen and others just were a one man army headshotting the f*ck out of everyone (including Mobius and Doza), running around 1-hit killing most people, so due to a significant pressure from players, their firing mechanism has been revised. I have to note though, that people who specialize on Sydneys and Raveshaws can still achieve headshots (I personally can attest, being on the recieving end). For tips on how to do that feel free to ask Kaunas or SaintBred.

On 1/15/2021 at 10:33 AM, Hicks said:

slightly reduce the range

Sydney and Raveshaw are properly known as $1000 Tier 3 Advanced ANTI-TANK infantry. Limiting their range would directly hamper them in fulfilling their intended fundamental function.

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37 minutes ago, Handepsilon said:

if you got close range with Moby/Doza, you'd probably have switched to the sidearm anyways

Secondary weapon is not that effective against moby / doza :(

8 minutes ago, limsup said:

For tips on how to do that feel free to ask Kaunas or SaintBred

The best teacher is the practice, I like to engage the light infantry with the main weapon, every shot scored gives a lot of satisfaction 😛 but the greatest difficulty is to follow the target with the mouse, especially if they are too close 😞

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