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Event Fort Paradise: The Second Encounter


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Date: 01.11.20     we will host our new event - "Fort Paradise: The Second Encounter"!

Time: German Time 18:00 o’clock

Server: Try-Outs Server

Map: Paradise



GDI base is fortified with numerous defence structures, GDI: Nod player ratio - 1:3.

Nod objective - destroy GDI base; GDI play in defense, their task is to hold on for 60 minutes, after that their victory will be declared, but the game will go on.

To achieve the goal, Nod can use all conventional methods - vehicle/infantry rushes, diversionary maneuvers, sabotage. Superweapon beacons are prohibited. The use of all Commander Powers is allowed. When meeting certain conditions, Nod will be provided with additional weaponry (more info below).



The event will take place on CNC-Paradise map (join the server in advance to download all required mutators and materials, use only the 64-bit version of the client to avoid crashes. The use of 64-bit version of the client can be opted in the launcher settings)




- To get access to the navy units (Gunboats), Nod have to destroy Power Plant and Refinery.

- To get access to the aircraft (Apaches and MiG-35's), AGT and Barracks (or Weapons Factory) is required to be destroyed.




See you on the event! With respect, Team Paradise.🌴



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Hi everyone, came here to remind you that the event will take place this Sunday on Try-Out's server at 18:00 German Time.

Here's a short trailer of the event:

So, what the event is gonna be about?
As Nod you have to destroy the GDI base by all means. GDI are outnumbered, the core GDI players will be me and UFO, and maybe some volunteers if the GDI:Nod ratio 1:3 isn't met. Basically, to win Nod have to cooperate - do not act on your own and listen to the commander to achieve victory. Try-Out will most likely be the Nod commander if there are no volunteers.

Tactic for Nod
Destroy Power Plant and Refinery to get access to Gunboats (they will be spawned by admins near Hand of Nod), after that you can use them to destroy AGT and Barracks, so as to get access to MiGs and Apaches (those will be spawned on Airstrip). You can continue storming the last GDI Weapons Factory with Gunboats, or annihilate the remaining AA defences, crush the resistance with MiGs and destroy WF with Apaches. But don't forget that you can also use more conventional methods - Flame/Stealth Tank or even Combined infantry rush, it's all up to you!
The commander may decide to choose a slightly different tactic, so pay attention to the chat and be aware of GDI countermeasures.

See you on the event! 😉

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Important note for those who are interested in participating!
1. Please use the 64 bit version (otherwise you may crash). You can set it in the launcher.

2. Don't joint too early, as Murica and UFO have to spawn Migs and Gunboats in advance at the large airport (not accessible at the beginning of the game). If we did that in the middle of the game, you would be accidentally kicked because you would be missing the mutator. if someone is joined and kicked earlier, just rejoin.

3. Please do not destroy GDI's defenses before the event begins.

4. The planned start is 6:00 p.m. German time, small delays can occur.

5. Some admins are on the server in advance to prepare the game mode, please let them do this.

We wish those who "visit" us a lot of fun and a fair fight. May the better one win.
Your Team Paradise🌴

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Event has ended and 2 rounds have been played.
Result: GDI vs Nod 1: 1.
Congratulations to the defenders and attackers.
It was again an honor for us to have such fair players at our event.
Thank you all and "You were great".
PS: Many thanks to Try-Out for the server and Murica and UFO for preparing the map.
Your Team Paradise

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