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APC ion rush today


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Yeah, I wish I had stuck around my ion and to rep that apc, but I was glad I was able to get Kaunas in and block that apc from running people over running into ref. Also wish I had stuck around to see the ions :D. Perhaps someone else captured it? Was just a fluke that I hit record right before we took off. 

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16 hours ago, Mystic~ said:

That's just too many beacons imo, I really would like a max limit cap on deployed beacons to prevent that kind of spammy strategy, or maybe maximum of 3 per building so every building could be targeted during a raid. The video was cool however, thanks for posting.

Happy to! We were both fighting each other which just the ref alive, so this final rush came after a good while of APC skirmishes and back and forth rushes. Perhaps overkill, I thought it was a fitting end :)

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