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5.41 Bug. Tab/building health


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Fffreak already noted this to me. Overview map's unfortunately bugged as well, though not in the same way.

If anyone could help before I get home to do the fix, I'd like a to test these few methods out.

  1. Method 1
    1. Start game
    2. Destroy the building
    3. Open the tab menu
  2. Method 2
    1. Start the game with a destroyed building
    2. Open the tab menu
  3. Method 3
    1. Start the game
    2. Open the tab menu
    3. Destroy the building
    4. Open the tab menu again

If you can document this and any other method you can find, please let me know in details. Note that the time/order in which you open and reopen the tab is important, so I'd like you to take note on that for further reports

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