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what about spamming nukes?


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i've just played an horrible match on Islands
"well, as usual?" will probably be your answer
no, not as usual. worst than usual ( 😮 )

Nod and GDI managed to deal their buildings (idk how we done that) and GDI had only BAR, Nod had only AIR and REF

well, GDI will lose field but hold tuns, hm?
if you think that, you're probably new in Renegade X.
because it means you never seen nuke spammers

some nod players spent around 1 hour - 60 long and horrible minutes - to spam nukes on our tunnel entrances, and we was locked in our base
add to this nuke spamming the horrible lack of engies/hotwires and we have the perfect combo

do you think is it fairplay to spam nukes? i mean, not place 2 or 3 nukes, i mean plant 20+ nukes in a match

now, if you answer "i don't see the problem", i will send them to this topic: 

and i will answer you: if there are no problem about spamming nukes, there are no problem about killing newbies :)  
i think, for a newbie, it's more annoying to be killed by nukes/ions than to be killed by doza/mobis

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  • Totem Arts Staff

to be honest, during the match. I sort of tuned out the tunnel nukes and actually had a pretty good time, because the teams were in a deadlock for quite awhile. 

I gave up the fight in the tunnels. Godspeed to those who held back the Nod horde there.

The true fight was the Mobius, Sydneys and Gunners on the field's front lines, fighting off tank rush after tank rush. 


Perhaps a personal timer should be added for superweapons? I mean they are meant to be colossal base destroying items, distractions sometimes and deterrents at other times. 

Maybe sounds extreme, but perhaps like a 5 minute cooldown per player before another superweapon can be called (granted that might not reduce all beacon spam, but typically it's just a few players and not the whole team doing it)

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The problem is just one with the design of Islands.

The refinery and tiberium sources of both teams are directly in their base. So players only have to wait like 5 minutes to get 1000 credits. Combine that with money from crates and other sources + the money that normally gets stockpiled on Islands for anyone who doesn't die instantly every life and you get some people with literal tens of thousands of credits with nothing to spend it on.

The tunnels on Islands make for a wonderfully terrible place to have infantry battles. Just walking down one straight hallway to the next identical straight and empty hallway to fight with the enemy in an ultimately meaningless fight. I mean has anyone ever been able to actually use the tunnels on Islands to do anything BUT a rush before? I mean maybe you could sneak a hotwire to the hon through it if your enemy was just incredibly bad at base defense.

Nod is just doing the best strategy to hold off a rush from GDI. And an infantry rush at that point into the tunnels is quite literally the only viable strategy GDI will ever be able to do if you have only the BAR and NOD has an airstrip. So they figure, why not spam nukes and prevent any chance of a defeat.

It's not the nukes that are the problem, its the map design. If your map allows for players to literally be able to accumulate five digits of wealth easily and nuke their way to victory, the players are going to do that. It's why you only ever see it on Field, Snow, Oasis, Under, and Islands. The intended inf paths are just small chokepointy hells. Keep calm and vote Daybreak/Lakeside/Desolation/Goldrush/Arctic. Now those are some actual maps where infantry can run free, drink from the streams, s̵u̵n̸b̴a̷t̶h̶e̶, ḡ̶͚r̵̗̿a̴̙̽z̵̬͐ë̶̦ ̷̞͗i̶͉̕n̵̮͑ ̸̞̽t̷͖̊h̶̟̓e̶̗̒ ̴̨̀p̵̩̊l̷̦̕a̸̢̕i̷͙͘n̷͓̅s̵̢̀, a̸̱̅̒n̸͈͖̫̎̃̄̿d̶͉̅̓̑̚ ̷̝̋͗m̶̢͙͍̺̍̕̕a̴̳̠͔̿̐̂t̴̝̻́e̷̡̒͑̔̌.

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I spoke about beacon spam in another thread and suggested players should only be able to plant beacons in the enemy base and not neutral territory like tunnels or outside an entrance. I also put out there the idea of mini nukes/ions that work a bit like cruise missiles, only more effective than cms for people who still want to see a super weapon used on an army in the field. I don't think beacons were designed to be used in random places on the battle field. I thought these were both sound suggestions to prevent the usual spam abuse, but as per usual, my ideas require support from the community to be heard or get anywhere.

I have no issues with the credit collection rate on Islands, it's very similar on Complex also, it enables a faster pace of game and people to be fighting with good units as opposed to other maps whereby as soon as your nice character gets a head shot from a sniper and you're basically reduced to fannying around in small infantry battles or begging for credits for a long while as per something like Field where the Harvester gets destroyed frequently and easily. It would be nice for a few carefully positioned boxes to hide behind in the tunnels so there can be more of an advancing fight to take and hold them.

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