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How many points is a game to?


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there are 2 types of servers:

  • Marathon (play until one side loses completely - in this case points don't matter)
  • AOW (all out war) or just normal servers without description (play with a timelimit - the side with more points at the end wins)

of course points are still used to determine how much players contributed to the team...

Hmmm... There were some guides here and there, but since i never needed them i can't point you to a good one... maybe someone else on here can answer you that question better ^^


yosh posted a guide some time ago: 



not sure if it is a good guide for beginners ^^ maybe just learn by playing ^^ and ask for advice here and there...

you could also join PUGs (pick up games - organized plays) every SATURDAY at 11am PST... if you listen to what your commander says you can learn a lot... you have to join the Renegade X Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/renegadex) to participate ^^


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