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Help with computer specs


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It does seem like low CPU speed... But the benchmark site here says it's got faster single-core speed than mine (and single-core speed is pretty important for RenX)... And Intel HD Graphics 620 (which that machine looked like it had) should be adequate. I played for a while on Intel HD Graphics 520, and it worked - I just played on a lower resolution, but still ultra settings.

So... No expert here... But I'd say to at least give it a try!

Have fun!


EDIT: If you do install it, let us know how it goes! : )

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Hey so I installed it and it works decent on low resolution, but it’s still kinda hard to aim and hit someone 1v1 with rifles lol, let alone snipers. I didn’t realize how dead the servers were. I haven’t played since renegade, maybe 10+ years ago, when the servers were packed with people. Anyone know if those servers are still running, and if people still play?

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Servers are usually active at 12PM-7PM EST on weekdays and 10AM-8PM on weekends.

If counting from the time this message was posted, it should start(slowly but surely) picking up players in 8-9 hours. Most of the playerbase is Europeans, but a small american playerbase also exist. We usually get 1 full(64 player) server every day.

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