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I am an old Renegade player. LOVED Ren back when it was... ren. I suppose it still is, just a new face. I like the changes to Ren-x, but, it isn't 'old ren'. Anyway, I heard you guys have a forum and that it is 'active'. I LOVED forums back then and still do. That is about it, I played renegade, Lineage, etc, and now am back. I see lots of new faces, or at least new names. I like to follow on Instagram and occasionally post screengrabs to failbook and Instagam. So hi and thanks for having me!

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Welcome!! Yeah the biggest thing with Renegade-X is.. it isn't trying to be a "HD Remake" of Renegade.. it's constantly evolving, becoming something more.


Its a relatively small dev team, but progress is always on going!!


You can also catch much of the action through discord (servers also have their own discords): https://discord.gg/renegadex

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Welcome Shado.

Just to touch up on what @roweboat said. Progress is always being made with new maps made from the community, and much much more. 


Feel free to join us all on the official renegadex discord posted above on Roweboats post and join the community, to see some of the game in action, they recently added a "#videos-streams" channel so users can share there recordings of the game. so may be worth a little look 🙂



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